Mosella Rebecca

In July 2018 our daughter Rebecca became Mosella of Kröv and represents our wine village at many different events in and around Kröv together with her wine princess Sarah.

Dear Guests and wine lovers!

I am pleased to welcome you to the Hahn Winery.

Even as a little girl I always wanted to be Mosella of Kröv and this wish finally came true in July 2018. Since then I have been in Kröv and neighboring communities with my wine princess Sarah to represent our wine and our place. I enjoy this position very much, because I grew up with wine and wine embodies for me a very special passion. I especially enjoy bringing our wines closer to you, dear guests, and inspiring you the same way.

So why not enjoy your holiday here with us on the Mosel and toast with me in our wine cellar or at the many different wine festivals in and around Kröv with a good glass of wine.


"There are three things that make up the wine ,
the earth, the vine, the sunshine
but if there weren't the work of the winegrower ,
then the most beautiful cup would remain empty."

That's exactly why I enjoy a good glass of wine after work in the vineyard, wine cellar or in our wine bar in the evening.


Your Mosella Rebecca