Sparkling wine

The grape variety Riesling of the Mosel scarps possesses all advantages of an ideal basic wine in order to manufacture a sparkling wine of highest quality. Its distinguished elegance, its fine-fluffy bouquet and its unobstrusive flavour is balanced with the fruit acid and the large sustainability.

Mosel Riesling sparkling wines are characterful, regional-typical and unmistakable products in a high-quality improving stage of the wines. They captivate because of their balance, freshness and aliveness. Classically and individually developed - mostly with indication of the vineyard location, the grape variety and the vintage - the winegrower sparkling wines are not angry to be compared with the Champagner or other sparkling wines of world-wide reputation.

Taken as an aperitif before the meal, to the dessert, as pick me up purely or mixed as fruit punch - sparkling wine provides a good mood and festive high tendency.

Kind Residual sweetness
Extra Brut 0 - 6 g/l
Brut 0 - 15 g/l
Extra Trocken 12 - 20 g/l
Trocken 17 - 35 g/l
Halbtrocken 33 - 50 g/l
Mild über 50 g/l

Manufacturing of sparkling wine by means of the traditionel classic procedure

special vintage; only healthy grapes with a balanced and accentuated fruit acid ; gentle treatment and pressing

Fermentation to wine and clarification

Endorsement of sugar und special yeasts;
Filling of bottles

Second fermentation in the bottle
Transformation of sugar to alcohol and CO2 = Mousseux
Storing for at least 9 months = Maturing

Shaking on the shaking desk during 21 days by agitating and simultaneous storing in a higher position

Removal of the yeast depot = Degorgieren
Selection of desired flavour = Dosage

To kork, "Agraffieren" = to wire the cork due to the overpressure
Enclosure and labelling

Short afterripening